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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

Allow our experts to set up & manage your social media accounts. our expertise can drive more traffic to your business, bringing in more enquiries & business leads.
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Setup & Custom Profile Design
  • Social Media Contests

Our very own Social Media Project

Here is our very own TV quality advert we used for Facebook ads, Twitter, instagram & Youtube.

Social Media Promotion

Allow us to create T.V quality promotional videos for your business & market them on social media platforms. We can also provide professional photography services all which can be used for Facebook ads, Twitter business & more....
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Our expert team can happily strategically market your videos, photos and social media contests using anything from Facebook ads to twitter & instagram business, sponsored posts & much more.....
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All the elements of Social Media Marketing

Our typical Social media project is broken down into these elements

Brand Monitoring

We can happily monitor your brand’s reputation, reception by the general public, the consumer base and targeted demographic. We also monitor various channels on the web or media in order to gain insight about your company, its products, brand, and anything explicitly connected to the business.

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Social Media Contests

This is where we create social media campaigns to boost your business on social media platforms. Anything from Hashtags, Facbook ads & boosted posts, Video marketing, facebook live, infographics plus more.....

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Social Media Management

Here is where we manage your account on your behalf. Posting and tweeting regularly on your behalf.
Measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of your brand, product for an individual or business.

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Setup & Custom Profile Design

We will happily create social media accounts on your behalf & give them the professional look and feel they require in the business world.

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Our Customers Say

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Really helpful, we sat down prior to building my site to discuss all issues regarding contacts,look of the site, pictures etcI couldn't be happier with the service providedWould definitely recommend to family or friends
Lee Gallop
Gutter Geeks
Lee Gallop
Excellent people have made a fantastic web site for me and a professional email address would recommend to any one to use them
Linda Stocks
Linda's Accounting Services
Linda Stocks
Really professional out fit ash really helped me with our new website, flyers & vouchers. I would recommend to any one.
Tim Case
Pain Solutions
Tim Case
Thanks for the video that you edited for us. It’s had a great response online and we are really grateful
Elisabeth Rachel
Cheshire Swags
Elisabeth Rachel

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